14in1 Multi-Purpose Aluminium Ladder


3.5M Foldable Combination ladder

This multi-purpose ladder can be used as a stepladder (single or double), a straight ladder reaching up to 3.5m  . As a portable scaffolding this multipurpose ladder is very useful for painting ceilings, working on walls, etc. while as a versatile ladder it can help you to access lofts, clean windows, interior and exterior painting and decorating and any work in the garden. This tool is suitable for commercial and domestic use and has been manufactured to the highest standard, conforming to GPSG & EN131 standards and CE regulations..

Extended Height 3.5M
"A" Type Height 1.7M
Scaffold Height:0.9M
Folded Height:0.9M (Easy to carry or storage)
Space Between Rugs: 0.3M
Ladder Width 0.38M
Material: Aluminum
Maximum load capacity: 150kg  

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