2-Step Sturdy Bamboo Stool


2-step stool bamboo sturdy wooden kitchen ladders non-slip home shop bar bench

  • This product adopts environmentally-friendly solid wood material; firm and durable, no odor, will not be deformed.
  • Lightweight and convenient, space-saving, super light and easy to carry. High-quality hardware accessories must be fixed after installation, which can greatly improve the stability.
  • Pure natural wood frame structure improves stability. Non-slip grain pattern, strong load-bearing capacity, no deformation for a long time.
  • Can be used for adult outdoor surface work bench stool. Can also be used for changing shoes, children's stools.
  • This stool can be used as a ladder so you can touch the higher items, e.g. reaching a high cabinet, changing the bulb or washing the windows.
  • Whether you are dusting shelves, redecorating or storing items away, the ladder will help you to reach high spaces with complete ease.

DIMENSIONS APPROX: 50h x 43w x 40d

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