360° Swivel Mesh Office Chair


Color: Black
Adjusting height: 10cm
Cushion material: 5cm recycled cotton+1cm native cotton
Framework: 1.5cm building board+double-layer mesh fabric
Foot: 300mm PP
Armrest: 90 ° adjustment
Waist support: adjustable 5cm up and down
Tray: 2.0- EasyTok (lifting function+EasyTok function)
Framework: Recycled materials+new materials
Wheels: All black PU wheels
Static load: 800KG
Certification: SGS certification
Accessories: M6 * 20 hex socket screw * 4/M6 * 25 hex socket screw * 4/M6 * 30mm hex socket screw * 4/wrench
Quantity: 1 sheet
Seat cushion 48 * 48cm
The chair surface is 46-56cm above the ground
Chair width 58cm
Chair height 96-106cm
The maximum width of the chair back is 48cm
The maximum height of the chair back from the chair surface is 51cm


Package included:

1x Office Chair

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