3L Electric Stand Mixer


These freestanding 3L food mixers are also perfect for mixing all of your ingredients together when making cakes, breads, cookies, pastries, muffins, waffles, and many more delicious treats! The standard food mixer has been designed in 3 separate colours; red, black, and grey, in order to guarantee a stylish finish that will suit any kitchen style. The food mixer utilises 250W of power, and has a 0.8m cord that delivers the electricity to the high-powered motor. Each of the high-quality food mixers features 6 separate speed settings that allows you to fully control the food preparation process, and non-slip feet that keep the device anchored to the work surface when in use. There is also a tilting head feature that will make it super easy to add ingredients mid-way through mixing, alongside the ability to move the mixing bowl out too. The 3L stand mixer comes complete with pastry/dough hooks as well as twin beaters, and these accessories, alongside the 3L stainless steel bowl are all dishwasher friendly.




• Specifications


• 3L Stainless Steel Bowl


• Power: 250W


• Cord Length: 0.8m


• Includes: Pastry/Dough Hooks & Twin Beaters


• 6 Adjustable Speed Settings


• Non-slip Feet


• Bowl and accessories are dishwasher safe

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